Educating4ai.com was founded by Stefan Bauschard.

Stefan has been heavily involved with the AI in education community. He is currently an advisor to Code.org on AI literacy, is developing an AI literacy curriculum with StudyHall.ai that is supported by MIT’s Technology Review, and he is the co-author and editor of two books (Humanity Amplified and Chat(GPT): Navigating the Impact of Generative AI Technologies on Educational Theory and Practice) on AI in education.

He has also taught an Intro to AI course at Union College (NJ) and his work has been cited in the Arizona K-12 AI guidance report and Google’s Learn LLM technical paper.

With Designing Schools, he has presented at meetings of leading Superintendents in California, has appeared on multiple podcasts, and has presented at multiple conference on AI. He is currently working on AI training and implementation programs with the Santa Ana USD and Desert Sands USD. He was the lead author of Santa Ana’s AI Guidance/Compass.

With a background in debate, he has also been working to support schools developing in-class and after-school debate programs as alternative means of assessment in a world where AI can complete most traditional school assignments.

You can view his full body of work and resume here. He blogs on AI and education at stefanbauschard.substack.com and is a Group Expert in the 8,200-member Higher Ed discussions of AI writing & use Facebook group.

Dr. P. Anand Rao is a Professor of Communication and Chair of the Department of Communication and Digital Studies at the University of Mary Washington, where he has established himself as a leading expert on the intersection of artificial intelligence and education. His research focuses on the impact of generative AI technologies on higher education, exploring both the challenges and opportunities they present.
In response to the rapid advancement of AI tools like ChatGPT, Dr. Rao developed a special topics course (DGST 301) in the Fall of 2023, introducing students to low- and no-code options for building their own generative AI applications. This innovative approach aims to prepare students for a future where AI literacy is increasingly crucial across various industries.

Rao’s contributions to the field include co-editing and contributing to the 2023 book Chat(GPT): Navigating the Impact of Generative AI Technologies on Educational Theory and Practice and co-authoring the papers “Beyond Algorithmic Solutions: The Significance of Academic Debate for Learning Assessment and Skill Cultivation in the AI World” (doi: 10.2139/ssrn.4567346) and “Augmented Debate-Centered Instruction: A Novel Research Agenda for Responsible AI Integration in Education,” which was presented at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence international meeting in February 2024.